A Year of Writing

Hello everyone. As you know, or maybe you don’t, my name is Mark and these are my thoughts I put in writing. So I just want to share a little history about my blogging experience. October 31st, last year, was the day I created this Tumblr account with the same url, markinwriting. Yes, markinwriting is actually one year old today. Cheers!

Sadly, my impatience with Tumblr and its many features and buttons made me switch to Blogger after just 3 weeks. I have a friend in Blogger that’s why I chose it instead of WordPress. She told me it was easy and apparently it was. I stayed there for 8 months while still posting in Tumblr at least once a month.

Soon enough, I got bored in being alone so I decided to explore Tumblr again. This time, I was patient enough to learn and also, I have a clear idea on what to do aside from posting, look for writing blogs. Last August, I checked and followed a lot of blogs and that was when I found out, there actually is a community present online. I didn’t know a blog can be used this way. Frankly, I don’t know much about blogging at all, even until now.

Apart from being awestruck by the amount of writing talent I discovered, this was the thing that got me hooked on Tumblr. I was fascinated by the different personalities and writing styles and all the interactions. Not that I interact a lot, but I try my best to respond when people extend a hand. I’m too shy and anxious to be that forward, even if it won’t really show once I get comfortable with people. Now I sound like a snob. Crap.

For a while, I was so lost in everyone’s work, I wasn’t able to write anything at all. Honestly, I forgot who I was and what I was doing. But as I pushed the thoughts of “I can’t keep up with everyone” aside, I went back to basics and blog just like when I was alone and starting out. I figured that’s the only way I can carry on if I still want to continue.

And yes, I do want to continue. I began to love blogging more especially when people go out of their way to send a simple message and when I learn more about them as well. To tell you the truth, all of you made me want to be better. So thank you. Thank you for spending a little time with me, Mark, in writing.